Starting the Journey

I never wanted to put my son in “regular” school. It made more sense to me for him to be unschoolingat home, in an environment I supported. I did not, and do not, trust the structure and demands of school. However, due to a difference of opinion with his father, he has remained in public school.

Currently, we are at the end of the second grade year. Over the past couple years, due to my own determination, strength and fortitude, I have gained the upper hand in our parenting situation. And as I settle into that and my priorities and freedom change, I am led back to unschooling. This time, met with openness and a willingness to try.

So, this is the beginning of our journey. Right now, my fiancee and I are looking at it as an experiment we are extremely excited to practice over the summer. I have spent so much time focused on stress, schedules and planning in relation to my son. I know the related anxiety exists because this way of life is in opposition to the way we are meant to live.

Within the last year, my fiancee and I  have been blessed with flexible schedules due to self employment and much financial freedom which have caused us to view life differently. Achilles, a child who has always bemoaned school, is eager for this new perspective. It is one we are all still learning to grasp.

I conducted a little social experiment a few days ago, asking Facebook their opinion on homeschooling vs. public schooling. I was met with a resounding opinion. I’m sure you can easily guess what that opinion was. However, neither my child or myself are easily swayed by the opinions of others.

We are moving into this, head-on, fearful and excited. It is so rare in our lives that we never know what’s next. And yet that is where we are right now. Our future is filled with possibility, openness and uncertainty. Fear and unknowing can be an incredibly wonderful thing when your options are limitless.


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